Volleyball Clear Acrylic Display Case (258Lx258Wx273H mm)

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Our superior, Volleyball Display cases are already fully assembled and ready-to use! These are NOT inferior, D.Y.O. flat-pack kits with 6 or more separate sections which you will need to laboriously assemble yourself! Ours are 1 lid piece and 1 piece, solid black base without any unsightly lugs, visible finger joints or awkward clip locks.

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SKU 36488
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Product Details Two-piece, clear, acrylic, plastic lid and black base
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  1. Charlotte W. ( Milton, QLD ) 12 August 2021


    Very happy with my now framed Queensland Pirates signed volleyball. A local picture framed quoted me $395 to make a glass case or frame for my ball which was just unaffordable for me. So I Googled online and found this clear acrylic volleyball display case here. Even with shipping it all came to less that $100 which I could afford. The case looks just great and it almost looks like glass case anyway! I’m now a repeat buyer as I bought another one of these cases for my girlfriend.

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This is a superior quality, yet affordable, 2-piece, 3 mm thick, super-clear, toughened, transparent acrylic, deluxe ball display case or deluxe ball holder. Both our rectangular and square ball display cases can suit a wide range of, full size, or adult size, playing or sport balls. The rectangular display case may be used as an Australian Rules football display case, an AFL football display case, a National Rugby League football display case, an NRL football display case, a Super Rugby football display case , an A-League football display case , a Rugby League football display case, a Rugby Union football display case, an Association Football display case, an American Football display case, a Gaelic Football display case, and other, lesser practised codes. The square display case may be used as an International Basketball display case, an Australian National League Basketball display case, an Australian Football Federation soccer ball display case, an Australian Volleyball display case, an Australian Volleyball ball ( Adult Size 5 ) display case, and other, less practised codes. To properly display the ball, it should be placed inside, on top of the case’s black base and resting inside its suitable cut-out, or hole, to stop it from moving and rolling around. This smart display case affords protection from harmful, unwanted dirt, dust, smoke, spillages, vapours and children horseplay. Our Volleyball Clear Acrylic Display Cases are very popular with sporting supporters, followers, families, sports team players, coaches, trainers, etc. The cases are two-tiered, high-gloss, with removable, black, acrylic base and rubber feet to protect any resting surfaces. Please note that a playing ball is not included. This display case is bagged and securely packed for your convenience. Subject to being in stock, order online here and now for prompt dispatch and ( where applicable ) delivery throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, the Gold Coast and Brisbane! Thank you for viewing our Volleyball Clear Acrylic Display Case.

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