Picture Framing and Ancillary Services

We provide a range of convenient, ancillary picture framing services. Some, such as frame repairs, are for walk-in, store Customers only and cannot be offered online. Our services include, but are not limited, to the specialties displayed below. For any help with orders, see our Help and FAQs or use the Contact page.

Canvas stretching or, Stretch-Framing, of photos, oil paintings and printed images on canvas

Shown here as part of our picture framing services are examples of some popular methods of stretching photographic or other canvas art. The two middle canvases below have a separate, additional picture frame fitted on top of the stretched art. To find out the estimated price for stretch-framing canvases please use our Picture Framing Prices Estimator using Option 8.


Below are some framed A.F.L. football guernseys. All were hand-stretched with a shaping biscuit, pinned, acid-free mounted, clear glazed and shadow-box framed. To see more sports or sports picture frames, please visit our Custom Picture Frames Gallery.  Please note that we do not make, or supply, D.Y.O. picture framing kits.


Computerized mat cutting for photo frames and picture frames:

Our Wizard computerized mat cutter allows us to cut bulk photo and picture mats ( or window mounts ) quickly and efficiently thus affording very competitive pricing. For common photo and picture mat sizes see our range of Photos & Picture Mats.  For bulk ( 48 or more mats all the same dimensions ) orders please contact us.


Picture frames, photo frames, poster frames, art upgrades and rejuvenations

Valuable or cherished artwork is almost always worth  the cost of re-framing it or, at very least it, rejuvenating it with new matwork. Below are a pastel and a watercolour that have been re-matted and re-framed to modernize them in keeping with the Customer’s instructions.  For more information about this service, please contact us.


Picture frames, photo frames, poster frames repairs and re-glazings

We can often economically repair sprung, broken or damaged picture frames, photo frames and replace cracked or broken glass. In many cases, this can be cheaper than de-framing and completely re-framing a damaged picture frame with a new moulding, or frame. For more information about this service, please contact us.


Rush or urgent picture frames and picture framing jobs

At times we receive requests for same-day, or next-day, picture frames supply or urgent picture framing work. We are proud of our customer service and can often accommodate these requests by having our staff work back in the evenings or during weekends to finish rush jobs. For more information about this service, please contact us.


And since you’re reading this page …

Our photo frames, picture frames, frameless clip frames, football display cases, basketball display cases, and other product ranges can be found online by making Google , or Bing searches. For custom picture frames and custom picture framing price quotations, please use our free, easy and fast Prices Estimator.

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