Terms and Conditions of Sale

Our Terms and Conditions of Sale shown below comply and are consistent with the Australian Consumer Law legislation (ACL). Please read these before submitting orders to ensure that you understand both your consumer rights and your obligations. For help with orders, visit our Help and FAQs, or the Contact page.

Our policy on “Faulty, Defective or Misdescribed” goods

under our Terms and Conditions of Sale will either repair, replace or refund any of the above goods if these were bought from us and if these were: a) faulty and not fit for the purpose these were bought for, b) not of acceptable quality in appearance and finish, c) not safe or durable and: d) misdescribed or significantly different to those shown or described. In determining these criteria it must be taken into consideration what the goods were and the price paid for them. For example, a mass-produced $2.50 plastic picture frame cannot be reasonably expected to be of the same quality, or to have the same high cosmetic finish of a $250 custom wooden picture frame.

Our policy on  “Change of Mind” refund requests

Australian Consumer Law does not require us to make refunds when the goods bought from us were rejected because Customers: e) changed their minds about their purchases, f) decided that they no longer want the goods, g) don’t like them, h) find that the goods are the wrong size or colour or, i) find that they can buy the same or similar goods elsewhere for a cheaper price. We may however, and solely at our discretion, accept such returns if our return terms are agreed to beforehand.

Our policy on “Free Replacement” requests

In the rare occasion of a parcel order being lost or damaged we will only refund or replace as detailed above.  Australian Consumer Law does not legislate for free replacements, this is not our policy, nor will our Administration or Staff ever say, pledge or promise this to Customers.

Our policy on “Lost and Damaged” goods or parcels

We will refund the paid Invoice total of such parcels only when these are declared lost by our Couriers or when we cannot produce a Courier’s Proof of Delivery signature after a reasonable dispatch and transit time. With damaged goods we will either replace the damaged item free of charge in a next order or refund the price paid of said item after a Customer emails us some photographs substantiating the damage.

Our policy on ‘Returns”

Customers can return goods bought from us for any reason within 30 days of the Courier’s tracking report’s delivery date. They must however pay for their own return costs and accept any and all risks associated with their delivery to us. Importantly, if any parcel being returned to us is damaged or lost they assume all liability. That being said, if we receive returned goods that are unopened, undamaged, unused and fit for retail re-sale we will refund the cost of goods, less any of the originally invoiced shipping costs.

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