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We have tried to make the Movie Poster Sizes Information Table below as accurate as possible. We hope that users will find it useful however no liability can be assumed for any errors herein. It is up to users to ensure the correctness of all data. For help with orders, see our Help and FAQs or use the Contact page.

How and Where to Find Picture Frames and Poster Frames for Movie Posters

When picture framing movie posters it is worth remembering that these are, esentially, large illustrated sheets of newsprint, which began appearing with the first moving picture films around the end of the nineteenth century. Since then, movie posters have become an important part of our musical, artistic and societal culture.

The collection of Movie, Film, or Cinema Posters, has long been recognized as a distinct and unique collecting genre. Some collectors can and do pay very high prices for mint condition, rare movie posters. Reportedly, in 2005, an extremely rare 1927 Metropolis international version sold for around USD690,000.

And while the picture framing of such rare and valuable poster art is specifically excluded herein as beyond the intent and scope of this content, the picture framing and picture frames of inexpensive, commercial, movie posters reproductions is not.

Many of our Customers have “movie rooms” or, “entertainment pads” or “men’s caves” where posters of classic, nostalgic, or favourite movies are displayed. Reel off ‘Casablanca” , ‘The Wizard of Oz” or “The Sound of Music” and many of us may already have a mental picture of the lead actors and actresses depicted and starring in these movie posters.

Customers tell us that the prints and posters bought for those rooms, or places, are common, inexpensive, commercial reproductions, quite often budget-priced posters. And because these posters are cheap, these can then be inexpensively framed or cheaply custom framed.

It would would make little commercial sense to have such prints or posters conservation framed or put into museum-quality picture frames. And this is what this web page is all about, as a first option to see if a Ready-Made movie poster frame is available, or as a second option, to provide a link to our  Custom Picture Frames Prices Estimator so that site visitors may use it to estimate a custom picture framing price.

Our Ready-Made Picture Frames are easy to buy and easy to use. If you are coming down to our factory to buy some movie poster frames, why not bring your movie posters with  you?  We will help you check to see that you  buy the appropriate frame and correct size.

Once you have purchased the frames you need, take them at home to use them.  You can lay them down on a blanket, or carpet, remove the shrink wrap, read and follow the instructions when and where these are provided, then carefully and gently bend out the flexible tabs, remove the backing by jiggling it, clean the glass, put your movie poster in and reverse the procedure, taking care not to hurt yourself or to crack the glass. If you do crack the glass, don’t throw the frame out, we can cut a spare glass pane for you.

Movie Posters Picture Frames and Picture Framing Sizes Table

Please note that this table lists only the most common movie poster sizes, or those which can be easily or normally be put into a picture frame, poster frame, or custom framed. This is because some sizes, such as the U.S. Twenty-Four Sheet (108″ x 246″) or 2.74x 6.25 metres, are so large, that these cannot be easily framed.

We remind all users of this table that while we have provided the below information in good faith, we will not be responsible for any errors or omissions. Customers should not order frames relying solely on the provided and are advised to double check both the sizes of their posters and the sizes of any suggested or required  poster frames.

If you are unsure, or in doubt, as to what to order,  please contact us, we will be glad to advise and help.

Imp. Size
Metric Size
Frame Size *
AU Lobby Card 11″x14″ 27.9×35.5 cms See: SKU4010
AU Daybill 13″x30″ 33×76.3 cms Custom Frame
AU One Sheet 27″x40″ 68.6×101.6 cms See: SKU4039
CS Extra Small Posters 8″x11.5″ 20.3×29.2 cms See: SKU4006
CS Small Posters A3 11.6″x16.5″ 29.7 x 42 cms See: SKU4007
CS A1 Sheet Posters 23.3″x33.1″ 59.4×84.1 cms See: SKU4033
FR Petite 15.7″x23.6″ 40x 60 cms See: SKU4016
FR Moyenne 23.6″x31.5″ 60 x 80 cms Custom Frame
FR Demi Grande 31.5″x47.2″ 80×120 cms Custom Frame
FR Pantalon 23.6″x63″ 60×160 cms Custom Frame
DE A2 16.5″x23.3″ 42×59.4 cms See: SKU4124
DE A1 23.3″x33.1″ 59.4×81.1 cms See: SKU4033
DE A0 33.1″x46.8 84.1×118.9 cms See: SKU4040
IT Locandina 13″x27.6″ 33×70 cms Custom Frame
IT Photobusta 19.6″x27.5″ 50×70 cms See: SKU4019
IT 1 Foglio 27.5″x39.3″ 70×100 cms See: SKU4039
IT 2 Fogli 39″x55″ 100x140cms Custom Frame
JP B5 Chirashi 7″x10″ 17.8×25.4 cms Custom Frame
JP B3 Nakazuri 14″x20″ 35.5×50.8 cms See: SKU4012
JP B2 20″x29″ 50.8×73.6 cms See: SKU4019
JP B1 29″x41″ 73.6×104.1 cms Custom Frame
JP Taketan 20″x58″ 50.8×147.3 cms Custom Frame
PL A1 23.3″x33.1″ 59.4×81.1 cms See: SKU4033
PL B1 27.8″x39.1″ 70.7×100 cms See: SKU4039
UK Front of House 8″x10″ 20.3×25.4 cms See SKU4005
UK Mini Quad 12″x16″ 30.5×45.5 cms See: SKU4013
UK One Sheet 27″x40″ 68.6×102 cms See: SKU4039
UK Double Crown 20″x30″ 50.8×76.2 cms See: SKU4020
UK Quad Crown 30″x40″ 76.2×102 cms Custom Frame
US Lobby Card 11″x14″ 27.9×35.5 cms See: SKU4010
US Jumbo Lobby Card 14″x17″ 35.5×43.1 cms Custom Frame
US Window Card 14″x22″ 35.6×55.9 cms Custom Frame
US Insert 14″x36″ 35.6×91.4 cms Custom Frame
US Display 22″x28″ 55.9×71.1cms Custom Frame
US One sheet 27″x41″ 68.6×104.1 cms Custom Frame
US 30×40 30″x40″ 76.2×101.6cms Custom Frame
US Two sheet 41″x54″ 104×137 cms Custom Frame
US Bus Stop 40″x60″ 101.6×152.4 cms Custom Frame
Table Legend Explanations
* Means a photo frame, picture frame or poster frame that is the exact size, or close to, or near enough, to the required size. Frames can often be a little larger than the actual paper, print or poster being framed and still fit the art fairly well. This is because all frame mouldings are machined with a rebate, or lip, usually 5 mm all around. The rebate goes over the edges of, and hides the art being framed. If the frame is a little smaller, the art can be trimmed a few millimetres around its bleed, borders or margins since these are often quite wide. A little trimming or cropping is fine with inexpensive, commercial movier poster reproductions.
Means that a custom picture frame or custom poster frame will be required for the art being framed since no ready-made, or off-the-shelf, pre-made picture frame is readily available. Clicking the link will take you to our Custom Picture Frames and Picture Framing Prices Estimator where with a few clicks a cost estimate can be obtained for most, non-oversize ( oversize being larger than 40″x60″ or 101.6×152.4 cms) picture frames.
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