Steel Measuring Tape, Retractable, Dual Scale, (3 m / 118 in)

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Product Details Framer's Measuring, Tape, Retractable, Dual Scale, (3 metres / 118 inches)
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  1. Rebecca L. ( Albany, WA.)


    Can’t believe how cheap this measuring tape and all the other picture framing tapes accessories are here. In Albany where I work, the prices are 5, 10, 20 times more expensive. I know that we’re far away from Melbourne here, but still, it’s cheaper to get my bits and pieces shipped than trying to get them from the local shops or store who are also out of stock for long times and a lot of the times. Great online store this one!

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This  very economical, handy, portable, compact and sturdy Steel Measuring Tape, Retractable, Dual Scale, (3 metres / 118 inches) has a most comfortable grip and is made with a high-quality, super-flexible,  spring steel blade. It is eminently suitable for making custom picture frames and all picture framing work. Will not easily snap, break or deform and has been manufactured with two powerful lock modes, both easy to control and safe to use. This tape now features a high-strength, impact-resistant,  non-slip gripping, ABS shell with a thickened case to enhance crash adaptability and shock absorption. Being proudly and professionally engineered, this measuring tape is sturdy and smoothly retractable, allowing you to work reliably and flawlessly for years It has been engineered with a precise zero-point auto-correct hook for accurate measurements beginning from zero . It enables precise picture framing work, with its dual Decimal and Imperial scales, allowing for precise marking, drawing and easy readability. Lastly, it is easy to carry in your pocket , or to clip it on your belt, or to use it on the wrist via its wrist-strap for both indoor and outdoors work. . Subject to being in stock, order online here and now for prompt dispatch and ( where applicable ) delivery throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, the Gold Coast and Brisbane!  Thank you for viewing our Steel Measuring Tape, Retractable, Dual Scale, (3 metres / 118 inches)

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