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About our Google Customers’ Reviews

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Rated from: Ming Wong, 31 December 2019
It was such a pleasant experience to work with Eastleigh Frames. They provided very competitive picture framing quotes for the picture framing of advertising posters for our new office. We were promptly supplied with samples and were very efficiently answered when we had queries. They also delivered all the posters and carried them where these would be hung. The picture framing was very professional and the frames look very elegant. I will definitely work with Eastleigh frames again.
Rated from: Rebecca G, 21 December 2019
Just love their A2 and A2 poster frames! Not plastic, like the big stores, theirs have real glass. And so cheap too. Expert service too. Absolutely recommend.
Rated from: Prakhat Navrupponom, 16 December 2019
very helpful owners. they go out of their way to make sure you choose the right frame. only wanted a cheapie frame but they still made sure the size was right. they measured my poster to make sure it was right. you just don't get this personalized service at other stores.
Rated from: Linda Blackwell, 15 December 2019
Really helpful staff, despite me asking the impossible, other than by customised framing, which wasn't what I wanted. Came to an acceptable solution and happy customer.
Rated from: E.D. PARKES, 8 December 2019
Needed a few 12"x18" black poster frames for my kids' posters. Local picture framers wanted $70 to $90 each just for one. This store sells these as off-the-shelf, ready-made frames for a few dollars each. Wood and glass frames, not plastic. Very cheap, very good, very happy.
Rated from: Caitlen Martin, 2 December 2019
They were super helpful to organise a rapid custom frame. Reasonable price too! Highly recommend! Thanks very much.
Rated from: KARL S, 1 Deecember 2019
I just bought the cheapest clear acrylic basketball display cases in Australia! half the price of other stores !! Yesssss !!!
Rated from: J 0DWYER, 24 November 2019
Frames factory with very competitive prices. They even helped me to make sure I bough the right size frames, in my case A2 black wood poster frames. Staff are very nice and helped me load the picture frames in my car. Very helpful.
Rated from: Justine W., 17 November 2019
Great place, if not the best, for square poster frames. We were able to find all the white and natural 50cms square poster frames we wanted for our renovations. Lovely cheap prices and expert advice too. Yes, we absolutely recommend
Rated from: Ardour Gifts, 11 November 2019
I have been ordering frames with Eastleigh for multiple years and always found them to be of great quality and very speedy delivery. They are always happy to assist with any requests that I may have.
Rated from: Sheila, 10 November 1019
Thank you for the very quick help, and getting goods away so promptly. I happily recommend you.
Rated from: Margaret Lacey, 4 November 2019
Friendly and helpful service. Lots of frames on display and a big range of sizes. Great to see them before you order on line. Surprisingly good quality for the rock bottom prices.
Rated from: Dimity p., 3 November 2019
The best and cheapest store in Melbourne for poster frames. They also very good service and helpful advice. From a very satisfied customer.
Rated from: voodooink, 28 October 2019
We have been using Paul exclusively to frame our artwork for our tattoo studio the last couple of years, and find his work and attention to detail to be exceptional. Pricing is competitive and turn around times quick. Very happy to continue using Eastleigh Frames for all future framing projects
Rated from: Kris Naumoski, 27 October 2019
Great work, clean finish and amazing costume service. Highly recommended.
Rated from: Leanne Glover, 21 October 2019
Eastleigh Frames are our main supplier for frames that we purchase for our artwork within our property staging of homes for sale. They are always reliable and are consistent with there great service! We highly recommend Eastleigh Frames to anyone looking for quality frames or framing services.
Rated from: Hans S., 20 October 2019
Framed my footy posters at the same quality but half the price other picture framers were asking for. It's true, factory prices are cheaper than shop or street prices. The picture framer was also very corteous and helpful.
Rated from: Eleana Sikiotis, 14 October 2019
A great supplier of economical frames at standard sizes. Both online and just walking in the front door I got great service from Paul in this family run business.
Rated from: Michaelidis K, 13 October 2019
A treasure trove for film memorabilia buffs like myself! Most of my mobie posters are B1, A1 and A2 sizes. I tend to put them into read-made frames because bespoke frames are just too expensive. Well this store has all the sizes I want at the prices i want, these being cheap, cheap and cheaper! They also give super service, as well, and have plenty of experience and knowledge to offer customers. Very impressed!
Rated from: Zaru Interiors, 6 October 2019
Great Service, very accommodating. We dealt with Paul for Basketball cases, after dealing with multiple suppliers . I can assure you these guys have the best quality and the cheapest price !
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