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About our Google Customers’ Reviews

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Rated from: Kaz Wetherly, 6 October 2019
Rated from: Shimi Braude, 29 September 2019
This Google Reviewer didn't write a review, and has left just a rating
Rated from: Conti V., 23 September 2019
We're one of the biggest soccer club in Australia. Our club wanted 33 soccer ball display cases for our 1st 2nd and 3rd placed teams. This store supplied us with the best and cheapest clear acrylic display cases that we could source from anywhere. We definitely endorse this supplier.
Rated from: Jo Baronessa, 22 September 2019
The products are really good and the service is exceptional
Rated from: Kimberley H., 22 September 2019
Really good store with great cheap frames. Especially with the wood A2 poster frames they would have to be the cheapest I found anywhere in Australia. Easy shopping, friendly service and cheap prices. Need I say more?
Rated from: John Marden, 29 September 2019
Paul was extremely obliging on the phone and offered a variety of options for us to consider. We decided the best way to frame our poster was to go to his Moorabbin factory the next day. Paul then provided us with extremely cost effective options and we were able to complete our framing project at a fraction of the cost that major retailers were quoting. Thank you very much
Rated from: Reg W., 2 September 2019
This has to be the best frame store in Melbourne for poster frames. For instance, I needed two, black, A0 picture frames quickly and they supplied these quickly and cheaply. The store owners assisted all the way through. They helped me check the poster sizes, explained how to fit these into the frames and even, very carefully, loaded these big poster frames in my car. I also saw some very cheap A1 and A2 photo frames there and I will be back to buy more! Outstanding store!
Rated from: Melissa Coad, 1 September 2019
Fantastic communication, acknowledgement of needs
Rated from: Yevgeni K, 19 August 2019
If you want top quality basketball display cases at Melbourne's best prices look not further. Our club bought 3 for our Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards presentation night. Very helpful staff, good and quick service. I can recommend unhesitatingly.
Rated from: Mark, 18 August 2019
Awesome service online but also worth visiting the factory. Ridiculously helpful and great prices.
Rated from: Fatima Hussein, 11 August 2019
I have to write about this fantastic Aladdin Picture Framing Cave. There are so many different picture frames sizes that custom made frames may become obsolete. They have 300+ sizes from small 4"X6" to huge A0, from wood to plastic, depending what you want to pay. The staff there are so incredibly helpful! I went there with 8 different poster prints and found ready-made poster frames for 7 of them. I found in there A1, A2 and A3 sizes in the 3 main colours I needed for my new home, that is in black, white and raw-oak. And goodness, they are so cheap! A1 around $33, A2 about $18 and A33 around $4. I budgeted for about $400 dollars but only spent $288!! How’s that!
Rated from: Teresa LaManna, 28 July 2019
Lived in Norway. They are huge users of frameless clip frames over there. Here in Melbourne I wanted a set of 8 only, A3 size, glass clip frames for my feature wall. Well these were hard to find and a store in Sydney didn't even post them, too fragile they said. But I had no problem ordering from this store. It was fast, nice, easy and they arrived the next day. So for all frameless clip frames I really recommend this business.
Rated from: Barry Lewis, 28 July 2019
I have been looking for some Box Frames for a while and they are really difficult to find. I came across Eastleigh Frames in an online search and was concerned about glass frames being shipped from VIC to Sydney. They were exceptionally well packed, all arrived safe and sound within the shipping time frame (shipping & tracking emails were sent to me) and they are perfect for what I need. Great quality. Thank you Eastleigh.
Rated from: Logan Williams, 7 July 2019
They were quick at fulfilling an order and I received it within days of placing the order. It was delivered interstate quickly, and packaged securely. Great service, great prices, I will be using them for all my other orders!! Thank you!!
Rated from: sylvia wilson, 7 July 2019
This factory sells poster frames cheaper than anyone else I've see. I'm a graphic artist who gets clients' commissions to picture frame photos, prints, posters and other art. Here they sell A0, A1 and A2 picture frames at excellent prices. Also very attentive service. I highly recommend
Rated from: john ehrhardt, 17 June 2019
Very good and very cheap picture framing. I had 2 big posters that needed custom picture frames. Went to a shopping centre picture framer and was quoted more than $700. I then shopped around some more and got my posters framed here for about half the price. It was the same black picture frame that everyone seems to use. I guess we customers end up paying for the high shopping centre rents, right?
Rated from: Jessica Kiss, 16 June 2019
I put my order through online and recieved exactly what I wanted within days. The frames were sent interstate and were wrapped and prepared carefully, recieved with no damage. Thank you!
Rated from: william ruggieri, 9 June 2019
Our soccer team manager bought a few soccer ball display cases for our club raffles nights from here. Lovely cases, nice, clean and well-made. I Googled them and found that they had the best prices in Melbourne.
Rated from: anna avant, 2 June 2019
This is the perfect poster store. They have all the good poster sizes, AO, A1, A2 and A3 for our school. The prices are great and the service great! Check them out.
Rated from: curtis pierre, 26 May 2019
This would be one of the best, if not the best place around here or in Melbourne for poster frames. I bought several A1 and A2 black wood poster frames at very cheap prices. Highly recommend.
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