A2 ( 42 x 59.4 cm ) Natural Wood Ready-Made Poster Frame with A3 ( 29.7 x 42 cm ) mat with Clear Glass

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SKU 17349
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Product Details The frame is natural, matte, wood, 15 mm wide x 25 mm high and white window mat
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  1. Lance H. (Mallacoota, VIC.) -15th March 2019ureframe.com.au


    This A2 with A3 opening wood poster frame in here is just heaven-sent for us artists up working up in the eastern coast because they are so cheap, even with shipping included. I need to frame my sketches and watercolours cheap and keep them no more than $200 or so else no tourists will buy them. The custom picture framer nearest to me wants $220 for pretty much the same frame that here costs here less than $30. I know that a custom frame is better quality, but 10 times the cheapest price?

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A2 Natural Wood Ready-Made Poster Frames are also known as 'Poster Frames' , 'Pre-Made Frames', 'Stock Frames' and 'Off-the-Shelf frames'. This elegant, wooden, modern, wall picture frame or poster frame is made from natural, environmentally-friendly, square-profile (20wx30h mm) MDF wood composite. These are wood picture frames made from MDF ( Medium Density Fibreboard) and considered environmentally friendly because manufactured from reconstituted wood waste which do not contain forest timbers or green wood chips. It comes with clear glass and as specified in the Product details. The Craftwood back, or backing, is secured by several, fitted steel flexible tabs. These will hold the backing, artwork ( print, poster, photo, etc.) and frame firmly together. The flexible tabs of this A2 Natural Wood Ready-Made Poster Frame can easily be bent back to remove the back and insert the artwork inside the frame. After inserting the artwork, the flexible tabs should be straightened back to close and secure the back. Assembly, fitting or servicing by a picture framer is rarely, if ever, required. With care, the fully fitted frame can then be hung either as portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). Thank you for reviewing our A2 Natural Wood Ready-Made Poster Frame.

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A2 Black Wood Ready-Made Poster Frame
You're viewing: A2 ( 42 x 59.4 cm ) Natural Wood Ready-Made Poster Frame with A3 ( 29.7 x 42 cm ) mat with Clear Glass $24.95
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