A3 ( 29.7 x 42 cm ) Natural Wood Matted Picture Frame (mat inside suits A4 or 21×29.7 cm picture) with Clear Glass

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PLEASE NOTE: If shipping is required, a minimum of 2 frames of this size must be ordered. This is because single frames parcels are too easily damaged or broken. The 2 frames must of the same size but can be of different colours. If shipping is not required and the order is Customer Collect, single frame orders are fine.

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SKU 41051
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Product Details The frame is natural, matte, wood, 15 mm wide x 25 mm high & cool, white window mat
Shipping If shippable and in stock, on the same or the next work day
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  1. Iain R. (Glenbrook, NSW )


    My small photography desperately needs good, cheap suppliers and this place is one of them. I sell most of my outdoor nature and bush photographs to tourists who always seem to haggle me down as low as they can. So I got to make my framed prints as cheap as I can and these A3 to A4 natural raw oak matted poster frames here do just the trick.

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This A3 Natural Wood Matted Picture Frame picture frame has clear glass, a Craftwood back, a bevelled, off-white window mat (or photo or picture mat)  and several steel flexible  tabs to hold everything together. These are wood picture frames made from MDF ( Medium Density Fibreboard) and considered environmentally friendly because manufactured from reconstituted wood waste which do not contain forest timbers or green wood chips. These 'matted' frames have an inner, bevel-cut mat to suit this described size's standard size photos, prints, posters and other artwork. You can easily and quickly bend the tabs at the rear of the frame to remove the back and insert the photo, certificate or other artwork inside the frame. After inserting the art this A3 Natural Wood Matted Picture Frame may then be hung. The fitted hangers at the back of the frame allow for either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) hanging. No fitting or servicing by a picture framer is required. These frames are shrink-wrapped for your convenience. Subject to being in stock, order online here and now for prompt dispatch and ( where applicable ) delivery throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, the Gold Coast and Brisbane! Thank you for viewing our A3 Natural Wood Matted Picture Frame.

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You're viewing: A3 ( 29.7 x 42 cm ) Natural Wood Matted Picture Frame (mat inside suits A4 or 21×29.7 cm picture) with Clear Glass $15.95
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