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I’m new to PictureFrame.com.au, how does this site picture frames website work?

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Our picture frames website site is about picture frames, picture framing and picture framers. It offers customers two kinds of picture framibrowsing-at-a-picture-framing-websiteng ready-made picture frames and custom picture framing. It works by providing you with information to help you decide which of these two kinds of picture frames best suit your needs. In our experience, price is the first factor in most customers' minds when inquiring about picture framing. In our experience, price is the first factor in most customers' minds when inquiring  about picture framing.

We will therefore tailor the tenor of this post with this preamble in mind. Broadly speaking, ready-made picture frames are half to two thirds cheaper than custom picture frames. Most of our ready-made picture frames are made from synthetic, rather than organic, materials, are mass- produced and often, are fully imported. Ready-made frames are take-away goods not a service, and as such are sold to customers as they are.

We don't anything to them. Customers take them home and put their picture sin themselves. These three factors all contribute to a lower price for the end user, the customer. The opposite is true for custom picture frames. They're made from an organic materials, wood, they're especially and individually manufactured one at a time and are made locally by us, your local people. Custom picture frames are not take-away goods but rather, products of a picture framing service.

Customers leave their pictures with us and we do everything. All they have to do is to take their finished, framed picture home and hang it. These three factors all contribute to a higher price for the end user, the customer. Of course custom picture frames tend to be better made, with nicer mouldings, better finishing and hanging devices. Whether this is worth the price difference is a question best left for the customers. So, how do you get prices for and how do you buy either or both?

For Ready-Made frames, certificate frames, photo frames, picture frames, poster frames and clip frames, all these are available from our Picture Frames Online Store. Prices and availability are always displayed and customers can quickly and easily order online to buy our ready-made frames, either to be delivered or collected by customers, depending on the size of the frame. For custom picture frames involving custom picture framing the process is different and these cannot be ordered or bough online.

This is because we prefer customers to come in and personally select the colour of the mats, of the frames, and leave a custom picture framing deposit for the framing job to go ahead. However, many site visitors want to first know a price estimate of what a picture frame would cost. To that end visitors may visit our Online Custom Picture Framing Price Estimator to get free custom picture frames estimates.

If the frames shown on the prices estimator and price estimate suit, customers can of course post, courier or drop off their artwork to us for custom picture framing. We'll contact you for an over-the phone deposit payment first and the balance on collection later. Generally, custom picture frames cannot be shipped and are Customer-collect only. Thank you for reading this post "I'm new to PictureFrame.com.au, how does this site picture frames website work?".

4 thoughts on “I’m new to PictureFrame.com.au, how does this site picture frames website work?

  1. This article was a fantastic tid bit of knowledge, despite it being quite lengthy! I’ve often wondered why exactly when you walk into a picture framing store or workshop that you see them sometimes sell little frames but with nothing in them. I guess i got my answer, they must be ready made frames. I have lots and lots of prints at home that i would like to get cheaply framed but I got a quote from a custom picture framer for hundreds of dollars! I cant afford this. i just need an inexpensive option to quickly put them up on the wall. I guess i’ll look for some cheap ready-mades and start with that.

  2. Your Prices Estimator is really good. It’s quick and simple. It makes it so easy to work out the prices of picture frames, photo frames, poster frames and what have you. Other picture framers I contact won’t give me phone price quotes and most ask me to go down their stores. But I don’t want to do that! I want to know prices -before- leaving home so that I only drive once to the framer and don’t have
    to waste my time driving all over town! Why don’t other picture framers have their picture framing prices online like you do?

  3. Wow! I saw your ‘See our Customers’ page and was amazed at who you sell your picture frames to! Do you really sell to all those people? Can you tell me how to do it? I’ve been trying to sell my graphic design services to the department of finance in Canberra but they won’t even reply to my emails !!

  4. Thought I’d let you know that I found your blog on PICTURE FRAMES MOUNTING: The mounting methods in picture framing explained, quite interesting. I now know how picture framers make prints inside picture frames look so flat and smooth. I always wondered how to avoid ripples and bubbles under photo frames. I though they ironed prints and photos !!!

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