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Seek and you shall find … ( but only if done correctly )

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Wiki-Knowledge-article-iconThis month's post "Googling the right search terms" was sparked by an unknown visitor's, or visitors', persistence in seeking results for an unusual ( antithetical actually ) search term "square A2 frame" which is an excellent oxymoron.Googling the right search terms Why? Because A2 is an internationally recognised and adopted, rectangular ( not square ) plane being, to wit, 42x59.4 cm. It's also equally surprising that the unknown user, or users, persisted searching this term for several weeks. How would we know this happened, post readers might well ask?  Ah! we would retort, we know because we pay Google Ads to tell us every day what users search for, or with, that's how. As an online retailer spending copious amounts of advertising dollars with Google, Bing, eBay, Gumtree and other online search engines, platforms and portals, we need to know which search terms may instigate users'  users' interests so as that they may shop at our online store.

And, just as importantly, we have to know which ones may be submitted by users but are irrelevant for the purposes of visiting our store.  We do not want, and exclude irrelevant search terms because our account might be needlessly charged for futile clicks.

Using a past search entry as an example, a user searching for "Picture framers in Hyderabad", this is a prime example of an irrelevant search term which we: a) want to preclude so as to avoid users to needlessly click to our site b) do not want Google Ads to bill us for it, and c) we need to tag and submit as a "negative search term" so as to exclude it in our advertising campaigns in order  to avoid triggering future unwanted and futile visits.

Many ( if not most ) internet users, surfers and visitors can and do indefatigably spend hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year using free online browsers to surf and visit world wide web websites as an absolutely gratis activity for which they are not required to pay a cent for.

Concomitantly, such users, remain largely and blissfully unaware of the ruthless, dog-eat-dog commercial nature of SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) machinations and resulting hierarchies that search engines disgorge when users submit their search queries.

They tend to merely browse the first couple of pages which include both organic (unpaid) and advertising  Product Listing Ads.

It follows that for an online seller to rank well in the first or second SERP pages, for both organic and paid results, a good deal of diligence, effort and hard work is required.  Most online stores contract their  SEO work to third parties. We like to do our own.

Most searchers will browse through only the first couple of results pages for whatever it is that they may be looking for. Such pages include both organic ( unpaid ) and advertising ( paid ) entries such as Product Listing Ads.

Precisely because of this fact, every advertiser vies for its ads to be displayed only in these very few results pages. And because of this market-driven, supply-and-demand model, search engine owners make nothing out of users, but billions out of advertisers, big, or, like ourselves, small.

While the majority users' search terms are pertinent, as many as 30% are not nad it is good SEO practice to exclude as many of those as possible so that users will be more likely to be Googling the right search terms. On a quick review of our advertising campaigns, we noted more than 110,000 listed as irrelevant, or "negative" search terms.  The table below lists a selection of the more unusual, unconventional or esoteric ones,  accumulated over the years:

Users' Search Terms Remarks
⚽ ⚽ Not Googling the right search terms and irrelevant. This is the emoji  for a round, black and white soccer ball, otherwise known as football in Europe and of the Europhone countries.
$1 picture frames Maybe 20 years ago but in 2024 the sought price is simply unrealistic.  We don't think anyone has such frames for sale.  However our frames are excellent value for money and some of the cheapest frames we have are in the category Frameless Glass Clip Frames.
1.8 m picture frames Picture frames of that size are just too large to be sold and shipped online. It may be especially manufactured to order as a custom, or a bespoke,  picture frame and even then it would require  a dedicated delivery method.
a basketball picture Googling the right search terms? No, Irrelevant.
a netball court Googling the right search terms? No, Irrelevant.
a1 black frame Big W We are not Big W.  Nor are we Coles, K-Mart, Target, Ikea, Aldi, Amazon, Freedom, Daiso, Bunnings, eBay, Officeworks, Hobby Lobby, Etsy, Eckersleys, Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones, Spotlight, Harris Scarfe, Camera House, Catch of the Day, Teds' Camera House, Vistaprint, H&M, Fiskbo, the Reject Shop,  Best and Less, Wilko, Ribba, Walmart, et al.
acrylic ball hong kong Irrelevant. And in any case, why search Australia sites for goods located overseas?
acrylic cake displays case Googling the right search terms? No, Irrelevant.
adesivo para colar quadro na parede We wish we could permit only English language searches since all our site contents are in English, but it seems that it can't be done.  Google Ads Support says that while we can choose to target one language, English, foreign languages cannot be  excluded.
affordable picture framing near me Near me where?  The latest ABS information we could source was that there are 3,373 unique postcodes, comprising 16,674 entries.  So since the chances of the user being near us are about 1 in 20,000, we won't risk paying for him on her to click and to land to our site.
art deco toilet We do sell Art Deco mirrors but - toilets  ?!?!
attach frame to wall without nails The user is possibly looking to hang the frames using some non-mechanical, adhesive or self-adhesive device, accessory or method. We don't sell any of those and we generally discourage our Customers from using them. The reason is that we get about half-a-dozen pictures every month that need reglazing or repairing. In almost all cases this happened because the adhesive hooks or hangers failed and the frames fell to the floor, with predictable consequences.
australian made picture frames An almost quixotic quest. To know more read our post "Made in Australia? Are you kidding?"
australian tattoo designs Dare we suggest that the user may be barking up the wrong tree?
backyard tennis set Googling the right search terms? No, Irrelevant.
bakery display cabinet We do sell normal size sports ball acrylic display cases, but not openable display cabinets with hinges or doors .
baseball engraving All we sell are baseball display cases.  We didn't even know that baseballs could be engraved until we searched online!
basketball accessories to wear Ditto.
bathroom glass window Customers may buy one of our Art Deco mirrors for their  bathroom but no-one reasonably expects to find bathroom windows, or any windows for that matter, for sale  in picture frames websites.
best pepper spray Googling the right search terms? No, Irrelevant. Words fail us.
best way to kick a soccer ball Ok, we do have soccer ball display cases listed on our website for sale but we professional football coaching is not included with the product.
body painting images Really? This is hardly Googling the right search terms.
bucket of cricket balls As stated on the product description, our cricket ball display cases do not come with balls.
catholic veil Ah, the user must have been in a jocose mood.
ceramic tile frame for wall Our 3 dimensional square frames have a 1.5cm air space which should be more than enough to accommodate most wall tiles but no Customer has specifically mentioned this particular intended usage.
cheap as chips frames We have acquired forbearance and an amusing tolerance every time we see this somewhat derogatory term submitted.  We see it so often that it  makes us think that there must be many, many users who believe that anything and everything listed for sale online can be made as "cheap as chips".
easy clip frames cross stitch

Nothing could be further from the truth.  To begin with, a cross-stitch fabric, like most textiles, will probably require hand-stretching, to make it flat enough to eliminate all crease, kinks, folds and pucks.  Then it should be matted, to keep the glass away from the fabric. Lastly, it should be framed with archival, or at least, acid-free materials. None of these skilled operations, required materials and  elaborate processes are possible, or may be successfully accomplished with home  clip frames. Don't even try, is our advice.

easy picture frame making Hah!  First  there were lots of  "cheap as chips" queries, then we have had "easy clip frames" and  later on we saw "easy picture frames making". Why on earth are most things to do with picture frames or picture framing manufacturing being perceived, or thought of, as "cheap" fast and easy" ?  It's anything but!   A manufacturer needs a considerable amount of capital, trade skills and commercial experience just to set up a small picture framing shop, let alone large, multi-million dollar factories in Asia, where most picture frames are exported to Australia.
electric soccer ball Googling the right search terms? Not even remotely.
encadrement caisse americaine Not only not Googling the right search terms but the submission is foreign as well as sounding exotic and rare. We don't stock anything like that.
fake frames for pictures We don't even know if those exist, let alone sell them, though we do sell lots of real picture frames.
fantasy football trophy A fantasy term for a fantasy item that probably doesn't exist. We'll pass on that one.
flamethrower Some search terms leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. This is one of them.
football ball dimensions That we can definitely help with with the information at our web page:  Displaying Sport Balls in Display Cases instead of Picture Frames.  By the by, we also sell lots of football, baseball, soccer, cricket, etc, ball display cases.
football jocks Once more, not even remotely Googling the right search terms.
football throwing machine cheap The adjective "cheap" is what slays us.
frame for uniform cheap We surmise that the user may be looking for an inexpensive, full size cabinet-shadow box for some kind of uniform.  Well that's kind of like searching for a cheap red diamond for sale, a hopeless quest, we shall venture to say.  While we sell small wood shadow boxes which Customers use to mount small objects in like, say, Lego, puzzle tiles, bottle caps, button, badges, pins and what have you, we don't know of anyone anywhere selling adult-size glass frames or cabinets.  We have read of museums commissioning some these for rare militaria or special uniforms. However these are quite rare and the cost runs in the thousands of dollars.
frameless frames malta Yes, we sell frameless frames, or clip frames, online, available from our factory here in Melbourne, but in Malta? No.
garden cricket balls Users can buy our cricket ball display cases, but not sports balls of any kind.
get photos printed and framed online We can frame users' photos with ready-made frames or custom frames even, all right, but not print them. We find that big department stores' printing kiosks are now so well-known and cheap that it would be useless for us to and compete for this specific service.  More to the point though, when we did provide this service in the past, some Customers were dissatisfied with the colour renditions and demanded re-printing  and re-framing, which meant that sometimes, we lost money instead of making some.
glass a1 clip picture frame A1 clip frames are one of our regular products and steady sellers. We have been supplying these to Customers all over Australia for years.  However we have always sold these with a plastic glazing and never with glass.
glow in the dark soccer ball Definitely no Googling the right search terms.
good quality cheap price photo frames Ah! The Impossible Dream!  Much as Don Quixote sung it in response to Dulcinea Del Toboso's question, it's an unreachable dream.  After half a century or so of serving Customers we can attest to the sad truth;  people may think that they want quality but what they really want is the cheapest price.
guitar shadow box frames To our knowledge these aren't sold by anyone anywhere as off-the-shelf, ready-made frames.  Very roughly speaking, guitars are around 40x100 cm and the actual shadow box would need to be may be 10 to 20% larger, and that's huge as far as shadow box frames are concerned.  Our 50 x 50 cm black wood shadow boxes for instance are as big as any currently available on the market, or online, as far as we can tell.  Sure, a guitar shadow box can be commissioned and constructed by a specialist memorabilia custom picture framer but the cost would be in the hundreds if not thousands.  So far as we are concerned, custom shadow box framing is not a service that we offer.
hang pictures from ceiling Goodness, Customers get into enough troubles just hanging picture frames from walls and this user wants to them from a ceiling ?!?!
hidden camera photo frame We guess that these may be available some place but we have never even seen one, so count us out.
how do you make a home-made shadow box Why would one want to try to source and buy the specialised materials and spend hours to construct one when when these can be bought very cheaply, or for pittance prices, online, for a mere few dollars? For instance, our shadow boxes and 3-d frames are sold so cheap that we stopped making custom shadow boxes years ago.  Some years back a Customer came in wanting some Army badges shadow box framed. We quoted him $145, or thereabouts, and he pretty much started screaming at us that we were ripping him off because he could get one from overseas for $25.  We knew then that it was time to stop making these here in Australia for Customers.  So we did, and we haven't looked back!
how to join picture frame corners The user here is obviously considering making his or her picture frames.  Again, the same argument expounded in the paragraph above applies. Why do it?  Our picture frames and photo frames are so cheap that it's really not worth making them yourself!  And this post "Made in Australia? Are you kidding?" expands further into this interesting topic.
how to make corner protectors of cardboard For hopefully the last time, the argument expounded in the two paragraphs above here holds still.  It makes no economic sense to try and source incredibly expensive Australian-made cardboard so as to die-cut ( the cutting die alone can cost more than $1,300 ) cardboard corner protectors  which we sell for as  little as 24 cents each.
invisible picture frames What are they? We have never seen them, has anyone?
lionel lindsay etchings We cannot help for any of Lionel Lindsay's  art but we can for that of his brother, Norman Lindsay.  We have a whole, dedicated Category of his stupendous, limited edition etchings and also published a supporting, or related post,  some time ago.
mango wood picture frames Highly unlikely to be sold commercially but may be sourced with some boutique or highly specialised picture framers.  Picture framing timber mouldings need to be soft, pliable and easily finished.  However, Mango wood is classified as a hardwood with compact, dense grains. While this makes it tough and durable for  cabinet makers and furniture artisans it is unsuitable for fast milling, sanding and finishing.
masking tape for picture framing Masking tape?  Absolutely not!  By its very nature and manufacture this light-tack paper or crêpe tape is meant for temporary usage so as to be easily discarded after transient masking applications.  Picture framing tape, on the other hand, and in proper ambient conditions, lasts and stays stuck on the back of picture frames for years.  We can confidently attest to that, having had frames returned to us for modifications and removing  the original picture framers' tape still laid and adhering securely in place.
medieval old soccer ball We think that the user is going to have a hard time finding what he or she wants.  That being said, we do have soccer ball acrylic display cases available online, but that as much as we can help.
moisture proof picture frames bathroom Mmmm .. we all know that even metals tend to tarnish and oxidise in steamy, moist and wet environments such a bathrooms, not to mention the deterioration and decay to tiles, cement and grout. So, is it even possible to source and buy such picture frames?
motorbike display case So it sounds as though the searcher might have been searching for a display case for a real motorcycle.  Alas, our online store limits it self to regular, sports balls display  cases,  but may we point out the sheer impossibility of finding one, and for sale, online?  But perhaps the user was searching for a small, toy, or model, motorbike display case?  Who knows?
mount a poster Mounting. This is getting technical. It's also not something found for sale online. How to correctly mount art is an unique admixture of art, experience and science.  Fortuitously,  we have around half a century of experience in this field and in our post:   Picture framing wizardry and the secrets of mounting  we expound what we regard as the the salient points and main techniques of this procedure.
museum glass price australia Our business strategy is to give good value for money and, for most Customers, that generally means good-sized picture frames with normal glass at cheap prices.  In other words, most folks want small, medium and large frames at affordable prices. That's us. Museum glass on the other hand, is a highly specialised and expensive picture framing component. It is in the domain of specialist picture framers in a field of specialisation, such as museum framing,  in which we do not participate.
neon acrylic frame shadow box We are hard pressed, at times, to maintain and upkeep our range of wood shadow box frames without adding acrylic, or plastic, versions which most  Customers, rightly or wrongly, dislike and are reluctant to purchase.  And it seems now that some users are also looking for them with a neon lighting option!  And what electrical standard, safety protocol, voltage, shape, colour and fitting should the lighting be?
netball photo frames Was the user searching for photo frames into which put netball photographs, or netball-shaped photo frames into which put photos?  No problem with the former but we wouldn't have a clue about the latter.
no frame This is not Googling the right search terms at all!  And we cannot help this user because all we sell is, frames!
odd size picture frames cheap By "odd size", the searcher most probably means an irregular picture frame size  that is neither "regular" nor " standard".  Alas, all that we can realistically sell online are picture frames of standard sizes.  Thus the person, or persons, searching,  are most likely to be disappointed.
outdoor photo frame for graveyard 99% of all picture frames, photo frames and poster frames sold online are made of timber, lumber, wood or its MDF derivatives.  Since the material is perishable over time it is highly unwise to place any standard, commercial photo frames outdoors or anywhere exposed to the natural elements.  However, we do sell silver aluminum snap frames which, being manufactured from metal,  would fare far better outdoors.
paper tape for framing coles Coles sells a lots of food and other goodies but it's not into picture framing supplies, such as the well known Framers' Tape.  This a Kraft paper-backed tape specifically developed for the picture framing industry. It is tough, durable, self-adhesive, hand-tearable and, importantly, sticks to itself, which is quite handy when taping or laying tape over frames' moulding sections.
parts of a picture frame Sometimes a search query suits our website down to a tee.  Our web page: Picture Frames Parts Names in Picture Framing  should be quite useful for users submitting this term. The page lists and details all salient picture framing components with descriptions and nomenclature all neatly and comprehensively listed.
personalised photo frames australia By personalised we believe that the user meant a photo frames or picture frame modified or customised to his or her own style or liking.  However, an alternative, and more appropriate synonym for this is activity would be "custom picture framing" which is used pretty much all over most English-speaking countries.  I.e., custom picture framers engage in custom picture framing and manufacture custom picture frames.  While still relatively widespread, this occupation has declined in popularity somewhat owing to marketing of mass-produced, off-the-shelf, ready-made frames in  recent years.
plastic, pvc, polystyrene, a4 frames While these plastic frames still remain somewhat popular because of the cheap, discounted department-store, rock-bottom pricing hovering between the $2 to $3 mark, we stopped selling them years ago.  The feedback that we kept getting from  many of our corporate Customers was that they were willing to pay a different price for better, and quality, wood A4 certificate frames with glass. These very frames are available in our A5, A4 and A3 Certificate Picture Frames web web page.
plexiglass sheets for picture frames There's a common but mistaken belief that plexiglass is somehow cheaper and more readily available glazing material than clear float glass.  But we have never held that opinion. If anything, we have always found it more expensive, more troublesome and more difficult to source even for the odd Customer who occasionally ordered it for a special custom frame.  Pricewise, it's about 9 times the price of clear float glass and attracts a $45 cutting charge per piece, even when supplied by wholesale. It's also troublesome in so far that it scratches far too easily, even when cleaning it. Lastly it's more difficult to source  because it has to be supplied and sawn by a plastic fabricator using a large 8'x4', vertical radial panel saw.  In the end, after a small panel was again supplied to us scratched, we stopped offering it as a glazing option.
poster framing kits Goodness, we haven't made any of those for nearly 30 years!  The days of Customers' DYO picture framing and, or selling them picture frames kits to save money, have long, long gone, our labour costs are simply too high and we haven't been able to compete with Asian goods for decades!  Besides, imported picture frames are so dirt cheap, why would anyone want to make any here or anywhere?  Take our beautiful, solid, sturdy and elegant,  A4 black wood certificate frames which, at $3.99 are dirt cheap in a place where even cappuccini are heading the $10 mark!
pressed flowers glass frame These can be found online, but tend to be expensive because of the double glass pane, metal frame and openable, or hinged, construction.   Some Customers instead use our inexpensive frameless clip frames for a similar effect. The Swiss clips of the clip frames can be unclipped, thus permitting the opening of the frame, the insertion of a flower inside, and the closing of the same, thus achieving that "pressed flower" look.
price of oak boards Our lovely A0 size Oak frames and 70x100 cm Oak frames are very popular but these are finished, joined, glazed and finished picture and poster frames ready for use, not boards, per se. For more than 150 years most Victorian timber mills and merchants harvested, sawed and sold  this lovely, local timber. Alas, from 1 January 2024 it has become illegal to do sot though, we are told, this timber can still by legally sourced from Tasmania.
put a picture in a frame Ah, so! This seeker is seeking to become a picture framer?  In that case, he or she might like to review our post "I want to be a picture framer, how do I become one? "
put together frames May be it was the same user who submitter the preceding term?
putting a poster in a frame Goodness, him/her again?
putting photos on wall without frames What does this user want to do, put us out of business?  If ever a search term screamed exclusion it was this one!
puzzle frame DYO kits No kits of any kind are sold by us, much less puzzle frame kits.  Not only are jigsaw puzzle tiles difficult items to assemble, hold, handle, mount and frame but, when assembled,  these all tend to finish up in non-standard dimensions,  or odd, Imperial sizes, meaning that most of the standard size ready-made frames such as A1, A2 and A3 won't fit or suit them.  However,  and helpfully, this post "  Taking the puzzle out of framing jigsaw puzzles " explains most things one should know about the picture framing of jigsaw puzzles.
quick change picture frame Perhaps the searchers were looking for openable picture frames in which prints, photos, notices or other paper documents can be easily and quickly changed and replaced? If so, there's a name for such frames:  snap frames .   Our A4 Snap Frames, A3 Snap Frames and A2 Snap Frames are cheap, handy and popular.
reclaimed, recycled picture frames Unavailable at our store. These are specialized products designed for a small, niche market. It's highly unlikely to find these discounted, on sale or with free shipping as those seem to  be the only products which most of online searchers seem to  want nowadays.  it's also a diminishing market with a guaranteed end-of-life ending, because there are less and less old buildings, factories, sheds, churches, wharves, railway sleepers, fences,etc, either available,  or being sold off, each year.
repurposed picture frame glass Kindly refer to immediately preceding comments.  We actually throw old glass out as it's just not worth keeping because of a couple of reasons. First. it takes too long to inspect and buff clean old glass, second, new clear float glass  is still relatively cheap.
retro bevelled mirror How about 1930's style Art Deco mirrors, is that retro enough? And, also, here's a bonus!  Ours are all multiple-bevelled!
revolving picture frame Googling the right search terms? No, Irrelevant. Sounds like a novelty photo frame product. Count us out, thank you.
sand ceremony shadow box frame We have plenty of shadow box frames, white, black and natural, in both 1.5 and 2.8 cm depths, and Customers can put whatever they like in them we guess. But sand?
scarf display frame Only available as a custom frame, in our experience.  We have framed quite a few, mostly Hermés and Burberry.  All of them framed up quite well, once hand-stretched carefully onto museum or archival foam boards.   The stretching by hand to straighten and flatten out all creases, folds, kinks and pucks is not for the inexperienced nor the faint hearted.  Over-tightening may result in near irreparable tears and under-tightening aesthetically will visibly spoil the appearance.  Even similar scarves of the same format and the same house with stretch out differently therefore it's simply impossible to calculate an overall finished size which can and does vary from scarf to scarf.
scratch poster frame cheap Yes, we know these well as Customer bring them in to us fairly regularly. Unfortunately there are no ready-made frames for them because these need mounting first, and a custom picture frame second.  If unmounted, the scratch poster will move when scratched and instead of revealing what's underneath the coating, a hole or tear might result.  A custom, or bespoke picture frame, is invariably needed because these are mainly scratchable maps of non-standard sizes.
sculpture display case Sure. How tall or big, might a sculpture be? In Kevadia, Gujarat, India at around 182 metres, resides the worlds' tallest statue.  Should online vendors  try to stock some display cases to suit, just in case?
second hand picture frames for sale Where we are based, the Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1989 Victoria applies, meaning that we cannot  buy or re-sell  even a small, single picture frame unless we first qualify and then apply, lodge, pay, renew and maintain the  necessary  periodic, Consumer Affairs Victoria applications, forms and permits which can cost thousands of dollars   Would we want to do that for the sake the selling the cheap, odd, old, discounted, used, second-hand photo frame or poster frame each year? No, would not .
shadow box flag frame Rightly or wrongly, Guinness World Records the largest flag being  one made in Egypt and measuring more than 2,554 m².  Ergo, the same comments we entered for the search term "sculpture display case" may also apply to this one.
shadow box for pet Ok, stuffed or raw?  Consider the dog reputed to have been the world's biggest, Zeus, a Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan which measured at   2.25 m on his hind legs.   Maybe someone, somewhere could make a custom shadow box. If you throw enough money at a problem, you can often make it go away, but it's not for not us.  We are content to limit ourselves to selling standard shadow box sizes.
should i frame my posters To us, this is a bit like asking your baker: "should I eat bread" ?   But yes, posters, prints, photographs, documents, art and what have you are all designed to accomplish one task, to be shown and to be displayed.  And for around 2,000 years or so this has been the practice. Who are we to advise to the contrary?
soccer frames We didn't know this until now, but yes, these do exist and others folks sell them!
song on glass frame Again, not Googling the right search terms.
sporting memorabilia display cases How long is a piece of string?  How large can sport memorabilia be?  Maybe as big as a  2metre tall basketball player's uniform or as long as a 5.3 m pole vaulter's pole vault pole?   Well, we don't stock either of those but we do stock sports ball display cases for football, basketball and most other common sports.
stick on for picture frames Do these even exist?  we've never known of any and the top search engines can't seem to find any either.
sustainable picture frames

By "sustainable" we take it to mean photo frames, picture frames, poster frames, etc, manufactured from re-grown, re-planted, renewable or plantation trees and not from the wild, virgin, natural  or old-growth trees.  If so, then, and as so far the picture framing industry is concerned, this is a chimera.  Several picture frames moulding manufacturing companies have tried in the past to enter the Australian picture framing by marketing "green" or "eco" or other, "sustainable" products. They all failed and vanished without trace. Why? Because in the primal, brutal and ruthless world of liberal, free market economy, the cheapest supplier generally wins, to the detriment of any and all other suppliers. And the cheapest products are predominantly found in Asia, and almost never, locally. For some clues as to why this is so, visit our post: " Made in Australia? Are you kidding?."

tape for hanging pictures This term seems to relate to the plethora the self-adhesive, stick-on, pressure-sensitive, single or double-sided tapes, hangers, strips, dots, or hangers available on the market.  These are used to stick and adhere photo frames, picture frames, poster frames, etc, on to walls without using nails, screws, cables or other mechanical devices.  While these are often and widely regarded as quick, easy and convenient, we refuse to stock or to sell them. The reason is simple, they all tend to fail with time, even after a couple of years.  We know this because Customers from all over the place regularly bring in to us broken picture frames with smashed glass and damaged corners.  When we ask them what happened, the answer is nearly always the same, the self-adhesive device gave way, failed and the picture frame fell down of its own  accord . The only tapes that we sell are used for and with picture framing, such as the the Picture Framer's Tape and  the archival Framers Tape II.  Neither is designed to be used as a picture hanging tape or device.
tasmanian oak picture frame The aphorism "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" was first penned by William Shakespeare in his play "Romeo and Juliet". It seems to posit, what's in a name?  And so it is with the "Tasmanian Oak" sobriquet, an ubiquitous epithet nowadays so freely dispersed and dispensed, especially in our very environmentally conscious State of Victoria.  Firstly, and with regard to the availability of this timber, all suppliers have been prohibited from harvesting it in Victoria from the 1st of January 2024 and it  can now only legally be sourced from Tasmania. Secondly, the Tasmanian Oak is not an oak , it's actually an eucalypt, the popular species being:  Eucalyptus Regnans (Mountain Ash), Eucalyptus Delegatensis (Alpine Ash) and  Eucalyptus Obliqua (Messmate) or, more, commonly referred to as " Vic Ash".   That being said, our A0 Raw Oak Wood Ready-Made Poster Frame, followed by our 70×100 cm Raw Oak Wood Ready-Made Poster Frame are some of our online store's best selling picture frames.
tempered glass picture frame The highly competitive market we compete in demands the cheapest, not the best. While tempered glass is generally sold and perceived as  a better glass product which is safe, tough  and unbreakable, it's also darn more expensive, between 10 to 30 times the cost of the clear float glass imported from China. We now end this comment with "Requiescat In Pace" as a fitting, closing remark.
tennis ball trolley australia Tennis ball display  cases, yes, but trolleys? No.
three in one triptych frame Oh, triptych frames?  Yes, those we do have.
tiny frames in bulk This is not generally known, but, in picture framing, sometimes, often, very small frames can by more difficult and time-consuming to cut, join and fit up.
totally frameless frames When this adjective pops up in searches we are pretty sure that the searcher is looking for clip frames, or frameless clip frames, as most folks call them nowadays, although, by definition, and convention, a clip frame does not have, nor can it be manufactured with, or have, a picture frame.
t-shirt, jumper ready-made, cheap frame Regularly crops up.  Not available from us because, and in near all cases, the garment, textile, or piece of cloth, needs to be hand-stretched first, then shadow-box mounted and then custom framed.  The stretched item's finished size is unpredictable owing to its nature and same-size different shirts by the same manufactures may stretch anywhere from up to 3 to 5 centimetres in variance.  It is simply impossible to mass-produce repeatable products to fit all varying, incosnistent and different sizes.
unbreakable cheap plastic frame Give us a break!  Earth is not Krypton nor do we know of anyone selling ( cheaply of course ) unbreakable frames anywhwre on this or other planets.
uniform framing See entry" t-shirt, jumper ready-made, cheap frame" above.
unique cheap picture frames Does anyone else see the  irony in these words , or are we the only ones?
volleyball net and poles Like, yes, sure we can help with volley ball display cases, but the other stuff? No, sorry.
waterproof frames for bathroom As 99% cent of  photo frames, picture frames and poster frames are made from MDF composite "wood", any searches will invariably be futile.  And even metal ones are likely to tarnish, oxidise and even defoliate any plating.
what is the cheapest way to frame pictures We suggest browsing for second hand, pre-loved, or used frames from the St Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army and other, akin opportunity shops.  One of our Staff works there part-time and she reported that, at times, some really lovely, ornate oil painting and other vintage and period picture frames come in for re-sale.  The thing is, who has enough time and patience to visit these shops one, by one. Also, retro picture frames aren't as cool as these used to be  and most modern young folks nowadays want trendy, cool, hip, Raw Oak, Tasmanian Oak, or justplain white and black frames.
wireless frames Googling the right search terms? No, but it could be worth  visiting some of the big overseas electronic goods online Merchants for digital frames, but, not us.
zippay or afterpay for my order

Much like the  mythical, Lernaean Hydra, the multi-headed BNPL financial serpent is pervading and pervasive. Taken as a whole, and without naming specific actors or participants,  we disapprove of and disagree with this modern mode and trend of consumer spending. We believe it may easily encourage irresponsible spending and ensuing, concomitant financial irresponsibility. Accordingly, we elect not to participate in this method of financing  purchases nor is it available at or with our online store.

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